Tobacco Control Research Agenda for Africa

by Leveragehub

On the African continent, the use of tobacco is on the rise. Tackling this challenge requires local evidence to increase awareness and effectively formulate a tailored response to attain a tobacco free Africa. These policies must be informed by research, data and statistics. The Tobacco Control Research Agenda articulates these priority research areas and sets out how they can be coordinated and shared among research institutions and partners in the region.

A number of gaps have been identified in tobacco control policy implementation which necessitates a harmonized approach to generate critical local evidence to drive the response. These include: (1) limited local evidence to drive best practices for policy adoption and implementation; (2) inadequate capacity for tobacco control research especially in non-health related areas such as economics, policy analysis and evaluation; (3) disjointed platforms for communicating, disseminating and sharing best practices on tobacco control in Africa; and (4) the need to focus research funding towards high priority tobacco control areas.

The Tobacco Control Research Agenda for Africa (TCRA) addresses these research gaps by outlining a research framework that identifies research priorities and existing research capacities and gaps, documenting the existing research collaborations and teams, providing a guide for research coordination at regional and national level as well as identifying mechanisms that bring policymakers and researchers together to share information and translate research findings into actions. Tobacco control is dynamic and therefore requires updated evidence to suit the changing landscape and dynamic nature of the implementation environment.

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