The Leverage Hub provides services on positioning the collective capacity of individuals and departments in client organizations for competitive advantage.
We are aware about the criticality of strategy in business organisations; with special reference to taking crucial decisions, leadership in crisis and change. In doing this, we will train professionals in different sectors on imbibing an enhanced-performance culture.


Participants will be trained specifically in the following areas of Strategy, Organization Culture, Leadership and Change Management. Our interactive training retains the flexibility to diverse organisational needs. It can be tailored and customized to suit your organisation, upon consultation. It covers:


Introduction to Strategy

• Fundamentals of Strategy
• Evolution of Strategic Management
• Ingredients of a Successful Strategy
• Scope and Levels of Strategy
• Making Strategic Decisions


Managing Change

• An overview of Organisational Change
• The need for Change and Organisational Renewal
• Revolutionary Change, Evolutionary Change or Continuous Change?
• The Process of Change
• Dealing with Resistance to Change
• The Role of Leadership during Change
• Adapting to Environmental Changes


Leadership Development

• High-Performance Leadership
• Transformational Leadership
• Managing Communication and Information
• Managing Time and Resources
• Building High Performing Teams


Organisational Culture

• Why Organisational Culture Matters
• Why a Culture Might need Changing
• Influence of Organisational Culture on Strategy
• Influence of Organisational Culture on Managerial Behaviours
• Organisational Culture: A Toolkit of Resources
• Organisational Culture, Performance and Service Delivery


Microsoft Office Training Module

The Leverage Hub will train our clients on MS Office; one which is widely used in daily business and office operations. The module will be delivered by our resource (expert) persons and this will include basic, intermediate or expert level of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook.


Course Outline

  1. MS Excel (Data Tracking, Writing Formulas to Perform Calculations on data and Presenting data using Professional Charts, Formatting as a Table, Conditional Formatting, Headers and Footers, Adding and Customizing Charts, Pivot Tables).
  2. MS PowerPoint (You will learn how to Create, View, and Present Slide Shows that combine Text, Shapes, Pictures, Graphs and Charts, Themes, Photo Styles, Selection Task Pane, Packaging for CD / USB, Enhanced Slide Masters).
  3. MS Outlook (Understanding Business and Personal E-mail Management Tools, the to do Bar, Daily Task List, Quick Flags, Categories,  Keyboard Shortcuts, Sharing Calendars and Contacts, Public Folders, Rules).
  4. MS Word (You will learn how to Produce Documents using MS Word, Format Mini-Toolbar, Styles, Table of Contents, Headers and Footers, Quick Parts (formerly AutoText), Building Blocks, Smart Art, Mail Merge).


Pricing Guide
1Certification fee per Individual/Delegate$325
2Certification fee for Organizations (20-30 Delegates)$5000


Interested in our service, kindly send an email to, and we shall respond to you in a short time. You  can also click here to send us a message through our contact form.